What are the Benefits of a sustainable project?

Sustainable design, for being interdisciplinary and have far-reaching assumptions, ensures greater care with the proposed solutions from an environmental point of view as the social, cultural and economic aspects.

The end result of this new ecological, green and sustainable architecture, provides great advantage for its customers. Who does not want to have a healthy home, clear, thermally comfortable and spend less water and energy?

The ecological house, in addition to benefiting the environment, ensures the well being of your user (is good for health, for the pocket and the planet). Since the practice of sustainable architecture in real estate can be even more advantageous, an opportunity that can not be missed. This niche market is now a differential, but in the future if tranformará in requirement as it is within the urgent need for better indicators of quality of life.

The main benefits are:

  • reduction of investment and operating costs;
  • image, differentiation and development of the product;
  • risk reduction;
  • more user productivity and health;
  • new business opportunities;
  • satisfaction of doing the right thing.

Some basic principles should guide the project:

  • Impact assessment on the environment in any decision, seeking to avoid damage to the environment, considering the air, water, soil, flora, fauna and the ecosystem;
  • Implementation and analysis of the environment;
  • Selection of non-toxic, recyclable and reusable materials;
  • minimization and waste reduction;
  • Valuation of intelligence in buildings to optimize the use
  • Promotion of energy efficiency with emphasis on alternative sources;
  • Reduction of water consumption;
  • Promotion of indoor environmental quality;
  • Use of bioclimatic architecture.


Works by Cedwork Sustainable Solutions

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