With this innovative service to Cerdwork want to reach the highest level of housing performance. The houses and buildings in general, are not and will never be intelligent, but the use made of them do know. It is, however, current call smart to homes that have characteristics that can make life simpler who dwelleth therein, thus grouped into five main categories:

  • Security
  • Economy
  • Comfort
  • Ecology
  • Integration

However, the five categories presented joined the adaptability of homes, making the evolving with technology, and essentially to the needs and preferences of those who inhabits.

The management of indoor and outdoor spaces, such as the adequacy of lighting control, blinds, heating, irrigation, pool water temperature, etc., to weather conditions or remote orders via Internet or mobile phone, is now a reality in many homes in Portugal and in many other countries of the world.

By analyzing the technological features in a building by comparing them with those of all motor vehicles, telecommunications equipment, or with a simple household electrical appliance, quickly we realize technological deficit that is still unusual to find in any traditional housing - the largest, most important and most lasting investment in the life of each one.

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Smart Homes

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Smart Homes

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