A proven practice in North of Europe

In the last ten years has been observed in North of Europe, particularly in Germany, a growing interest in building standards Passive House.


It’s a construction concept which includes energetic efficiency , accessibility and sustainability .

It is a house like any other?

Yes and No.

A Passive House adapts to any type of architecture , but the design is different because it is bound by the principles of the concept.

Which principles are those?

Five principles of passive house standard:

1. Ensure adequate insulation levels;
2. Windows suitable for standard;
3. Set a ventilation system with heat recovery;
4. Ensure the air tightness of the building;
5. Avoid thermal bridges.

What are the advantages?


- Economically affordable
- Reduction of housing maintenance costs
- Increased energy efficiency
- Up to 75% energy savings in comparison with conventional buildings
- The average temperature of a passive house is between 20ºC and 25ºC and has a good quality interior, contributing to the well-being and health.


- Significant reduction of CO2 emissions.
- Reducing the use of fossil fuels, leading to energy independence.
  • Project Development
  • Turnkey Housing Construction
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Window
  • ventilation Networks
Passive Houses

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Passive Houses

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Passive Houses

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