The Cerdwork develops its activity an integrated way, with extensive experience achieved by adapting electromechanical systems, eliminating thermal bridges, the presence of moisture, thermal performance of the spans, disproportionate losses caused by excessive transmission of air, no sun protection, overheating and / or increased thermal loads, condensation phenomena and low indoor air quality.

The buildings may be viewed as thermal systems, that is, as features, transmission and storage of energy. Thus, improving energy to its surroundings will obtain a more efficient thermal system, and as such may be satisfied the comfort conditions of its occupants with low power consumption.

Thus, the energy consumption of HVAC systems can be reduced, as well as benefit from the comfort conditions for occupants. Thus, the energy rehabilitation of buildings aims to increase occupant comfort and lower energy consumption.

  • General Rehabilitation
  • Facades Rehabilitation
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Waterproofing roofs and facades
  • Window
  • Coverage
  • Paintings
  • Evaluation / Inspection Pathologies


Works by Cedwork Energy Efficiency Building

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